F*CK PUG is the brand that gives a f*ck! Where cuteness meets mischief! Celebrating the good or bad life has to offer with pure, twisted fun. We take no shame in living life to the fullest and neither should you! Our Good ol' Pug started off with his own Instagram page full of mischievous adventures and the occasional daily dose of relatable moments. Bringing a twist to the good things in life and hardships in a way that results in an instant smile in the thousands who love and support his day to day mishaps. And now, that sense of laughter can continue to stick with you within the grasps of your very own shirt! 


   Like a fresh, warm smile, a sudden gust of excitement and outrageous fun is what makes life exciting. And with clothes this is no different. We’re all about the spontaneous surprises and thrills of the moment. And there’s no better way to capture this than with a wicked sense of humor. Above all, we like to keep that groove moving and our wacky statements loud and clear! Taking with us not only the captured moments in a shirt but the joys and laughter as well by embracing the crazy side inside of us. Life should be enjoyed and with fun that is contagious!