We will gladly accept returns during a period of one to two weeks after a customer receives their order. Our customer support contact for reaching out to us is We are available for inquiries and customer support Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM(AST). 

Our conditions for all returns are as follow:

 -All merchandise must have their respective tags and/or original packaging which includes their plastic bag and hang tags. They must be new and unopened without being used or washed. 

-No visible damage to the item or product. 

(tears, wear, holes, etc.) 

-And of course, under no circumstances will we accept a shirt that is not ours. (For God’s sake, don’t be that person!) 

 **Items that are not returnable under no circumstances include:

-Discounted items or sales products 

-Limited Runs or Special Editions

-Items stating in their description that they are not returnable for any given reason by us 

    Due to this, please make sure before placing an order to check the measurements and materials of our products carefully. Since the high demand/limited quantities of some of our products may make them unavailable in the near future if you seek to change them for another size or color if that were the case. 



   After a return has been processed and  received, we will inspect the items and notify you of our decision to approve or deny the return. If the return conditions are met and the item(s) are in the conditions that are specified above, you will be sent an email of return confirmation or denial if the conditions were not met in the following 3-5 business days after we receive the returned item(s) and inspect them. *In the case that the return process is not accepted, the decision is final and no returns will be accepted for that specific return order(s) that was denied. 

   Once the return process has been confirmed by our part through email, you can send us the item(s) during a time frame of *a week or two after our confirmation. Any items that are sent after that specific time frame will most likely not be accepted and we have every right to deny the return.

   *Also note: If you send an order for returning purposes and have not received our confirmation or denial if the conditions were not met, we can disapprove the return since it will be treated as an unsolicited return and thus it didn’t go through our refund or confirmation process.     

  With that said, please make sure to contact us and have us review your case and make the final decision before sending us any items. Since we can approve or deny before any return action is taken if the adequate return process wasn’t met by the customer.


    If the customer were to ship back to us an item(s) that shows the following;

-Damage to the item

(Visible damage/tear, wears, holes, etc.)

-Missing product pieces

(Hangtags, Plastic Bag, Original packaging/contents)

-Any other items(Different item(s) than the one present in the order that is being returned or an item that is not of our brand.)

    NO REFUNDS will be given to the customer by our part and the items and return will not be approved even if we receive them. Because of such reasons, please make sure that if you return us an item, you ship it in an adequate manner and with a packaging that is safe and will prevent any harm or unexpected issues during shipping or arrival to our address (Examples; **Returning to the wrong address, the package and items arriving damaged, contents missing, the items not being the ones placed in the original order, etc.) 

   If any of the previous mentioned cases were to occur, we will not assume any responsibility for the customer’s mistakes or damages and will deny any sort of refunds or replacements.