Q) How do the sizes and measurements compare? 

A. Each one of our products will have their measurements, textile composition and size specifications provided in their respective descriptions. We also include a size chart as well in the shirt's image selection to be used as a better reference for the t-shirt's different sizes. All of our current t-shirts use a Unisex 100% Cotton Jersey model at the moment and will offer the same size and fit as shown. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask us more at support@fpug.co if necessary!

Q) Will “Out of Stock” items be restocked or newly available at some point? 

A. Most of our standard items will usually be restocked as soon as we receive more of them. Once they are discontinued, however, they will no longer be available. Limited time offers or special products will only be available for a specific time period or offer unless otherwise specified.



Q) How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

 A. All orders take an estimated 2-3 business days to ship out. If an order is placed during the weekend, please understand that it will most likely be sent out on the following 1-2 business days. 

Q) Is international shipping available? 

 A. Yes, we ship internationally! Do take into consideration, however, that depending on your country’s regulations or laws, import taxes may be charged. We ask our customers to revise with their local customs office in any case since we are not responsible for any import duties due to it being a charge given directly to the buyer. Thank you and we hope you understand. 


Q) How long will it take for my order to arrive? 

 A. Currently, we only offer two shipping options for domestic U.S and territories like Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico. Depending on your order quantity, the shipping will accomodate to either one of the following USPS shipping methods;

  • First Class Mail(2-5 Business days)- Works best for lighter packages while providing a quick lower cost shipping alternative. By default, when you order a single shirt, this is our go to shipping method. In some instances, this shipping method can also be provided by default with the purchase of two shirts *if the shirts fall under USPS' First Class maximum weight capacity of less than a pound.(Ex. Two small sized 100% Cotton Jersey shirts since they weigh just under a pound). Despite our medium to extra large shirts being relatively light, two of them would already surpass the required weight limit. 
  • Priority Mail(2-3 business days)- Provides a faster shipping method compared to First Class Mail when it comes to heavier packages. Once your order's total item(s) weight exceeds a pound, this becomes the standard shipping method. Providing fast delivery rates while staying relatively lower in costs than the other more expensive alternatives.  

*As for international shipping, delivery dates differ greatly depending on the country. For most countries, the average delivery takes about 2-3 weeks. And in some other countries, a month or two may be the usual time frame it takes for a package to arrive. 


Q) What if my order never arrives?

A. In the case of a missing order, we will do our best to contact our mailing service and look further into the issue. We suggest our customers to also contact their local postal service as well. And if an action of claiming a missing package(s) needs to be taken, we can file a case with the post office if it were to be needed. 

 *NOTE: If your order doesn’t arrive because your shipping address was incorrectly placed, that is un refundable by us and we ask that you contact your local post to solve the issue. Since it is an issue that was out of our reach, it falls unto the customer’s responsibility. Once it’s shipped, if the address is incorrect, no returns or refunds will be accepted. *



Q) Can I wash the T-shirts without risking damage?  

 A. Of course! Our T-shirts are made to sustain good amounts of use and washability in mind. So making sure you can use our clothing and wash it with no problems is our priority. However, please note that the 100% Cotton Jersey shirts may experience slight shrinkage due to the nature of cotton. That is expected but the shrinkage should be minimal! 

    *Make sure to read the care/handling tags either way and to follow the cleaning or washing specifications. It never hurts to take extra care of your shirts! Our main tip/suggestion is to wash our clothing in a warm temperature setting alongside other clothings that are like colors(similar colors or tones).  

Q) Are the shirts prone to shrinkrage? 

 A. All of our shirts were made with quality in mind and with their textile construction treated as a top priority. Most specifically so that they could be worn, washed and used many times while retaining a fine build. As previously mentioned, cotton by nature shrinks very slightly after the first wash but the difference is very negligible, especially if one follows the handling & care guide to ensure more durability as with any other clothing item. No problems should be presented in regards to one's use and your shirt should remain as comfy as ever! 


Q) Can I return my order if there was a mistake made in terms of size, color, etc.? 

 A. Yes, we gladly accept returns if the following conditions & requirements are met by the customer as follow: 

 -All merchandise must have their respective tags and/or original packaging which includes their plastic bag and hang tags. They must be new and unopened without being used or washed. 

-No visible damage to the item or product. 

(tears, wear, holes, etc.) 

-And of course, under no circumstances will we accept a shirt that is not ours. (For God’s sake, don’t be that person!) 

 **Items that are not returnable under no circumstances include:

-Discounted items or sales products 

-Limited Runs or Special Editions

-Items stating in their description that they are not returnable for any given reason by us 

 Due to this, please make sure before placing an order to check the measurements and materials of our products carefully. Since the high demand/limited quantities of some of our products may make them unavailable in the near future if you seek to change them for another size or color if that were the case. 

*For more information regarding returns and our shop policy, please check our "shop policy and returns" page tab in the main menu on top of our page. If you have more specific questions or your doubts were not addressed, please make sure to contact us at support@fpug.co 

Q) Can damaged items or orders be returned?

 A. Unfortunately if an item is damaged or broken beyond repair, we cannot accept returns. Please contact us in the case of a damaged mail delivery or items to proceed with a solution for  your individual situation if that were the case. We will gladly take our time to reach out and help!

*More info is provided on our Shop Policy and Returns page tab on top of our webpage.

Q) Are return shipping costs assumed by the customer? 

 A. At the moment, all return shipping costs must be assumed by the customer. We do not provide return labels or take responsibility for the costs of shipping back an item(s) to us.